Banner Photo: © Ulrike Meissner, u.meissner[at]gmail[dot]com

CATALYST, an EU-funded project that ran from 2011 until 2013, was established in cooperation with UNISDR to bring together those working in the general field of Capacity Development for Hazard Risk Reduction and Adaptation in order to identify and share information about best practices and knowledge gaps, and to strengthen and extend existing networks. In order to accomplish this, the project worked with over 120 stakeholders from multiple sectors and levels, together forming the CATALYST Think Tank.

Project reports can be downloaded from the website: http://catalyst-project.eu/

An online module on the Fundamentals of DRR and Adaptation is available from the e-learning platform of the UN University’s Institute for Environment and Human Security, a partner in the CATALYST project: http://www.ehs.unu.edu/elearning/

In order to take advantage of the momentum gained in, and the existing network of the CATALYST Project, the partners together with a number of think tank members, have initiated follow-up activities to bring the knowledge gained in the project to the local level. Capacity development needs at this level are seemingly infinite. Furthermore, such efforts need to tailor the available knowledge to local languages, culture and governance structures. In the so-called CATALYST-Local Community of Practice, efforts are being made to pool resources in order to develop this capacity in selected regions and localities known to project members and stakeholders based in these countries.

An initial activity has been the CATALYST-Local Winter Academy which brought together 25 young researchers from Europe and Mexico in Guanajuato State in December 2013 to learn from experienced trainers and local communities about the theory and practice of disaster risk reduction and adaptation. For more information, view our poster summarising the experience. The next academy is planned for May 2015.

For more information about CATALYST and the CATALYST-Local Community of Practice contact info[at]catalyst-project[dot]eu



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